All-Decade Team 1930s AL

The 1930's shaped a generation more than any other decade in American history.  For children, growing in the 1930's was nothing short of life altering.  The Great Depression provided a landscape of struggle and unforgettable pain but in the background, baseball was the one constant.  Baseball reduced ticket prices and offered lavish promotions to keep crowds coming but no teams folded and some of the greatest players in baseball history played during the 1930's.  One of the toughest parts about creating the 1930's all-decade list is leaving off some of the greatest players that you never heard about in the Negro Leagues - players like Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Jud Wilson who were undoubtedly worthy of all-decade nomination.  To keep it simple, we are sticking to our AL/NL format (maybe we'll do a Negro League team down the road). 

This team had some speedbumps, mainly at 1B, 3B and OF.  At 1B, we had to leave off Hank Greenberg, which is as close to a travesty as you'll find.  Greenberg was a tremendous player; he won 2 MVP's (one in the 30's) and is 7th all-time in OPS.  Unfortunately for Hammerin' Hank, his competition at 1B (Gehrig and Foxx) in the 30's rank 3rd and 6th on that same list and they account for 4 MVP's during the 30's alone between the two of them.  I made an argument to play Jimmy Foxx at 3B because he started three all-star games at that position and played a handful of games there but to keep with the integrity of the team, we decided against it.  If I was a GM, there is no doubt which direction I would go but naming a player the best player at a position when he only played 50 games at that position goes against the fiber of this team.  Outfield was tough because there were six or seven guys that could have arguably made the team; we kept off guys like Dimaggio and Ruth that did most of their damage in other decades.  Hal Trosky and Ben Chapman just missed the cut.  We also struggled to pick between Joe Cronin and Luke Appling; basically a pick 'em.  Without further adieu, here's our 1930's AL All-Decade team.

C - Bill Dickey
1B - Jimmy Foxx
2B - Charlie Gehringer
3B - Red Rolfe
SS - Luke Appling
IF - Lou Gehrig
OF - Earl Averill
OF - Al Simmons
OF - Goose Goslin
OF - Indian Bob Johnson
SP - Lefty Grove
SP - Lefty Gomez
SP - Red Ruffing
SP - Wes Ferrell
RP - Jack Russell


  1. Pitching was a little weak, plus we couldn't put Feller on the team for he only pitched 4 years in the 30's. Grove was the dominant pitcher in the AL at that time for sure. Gomez and Ruffing had the benefit of pitching for the Yankees, a powerful team in that decade.

  2. I'd still put in Gehrig over Foxx.. two all decade teams for him..

  3. Ferrell was a workhorse but I think I'd pick Tommy Bridges over him: 5 all star appearances, and led the league in strikeouts twice in the 30's.

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