Diamondbacks All-Time Team v.2012

Today, we're looking at the Diamondbacks All-Time team. 

In addition to our normal review, we added an infielder, an outfielder and two starting pitchers to last year's team (which can be seen here).

Because the Diamondbacks don't have a lot of history, there isn't much to review... aside from Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling (whose Hall of Fame candidacy we have debated), you won't see any Hall of Famers on this squad.  You will, however, see a few promising young players. 

We added Chris Young in the Outfield - the All-Star has blossomed into a very good player, posting 13.4 WAR over the course of his first seven seasons.

In the infieild, it came down to Jay Bell and Tony Womack.  Womack, the Diamondbacks stolen base leader, had a 72 stolen base season in 1999 and he led the league in triples in 2000 (14) but besides that speed, Jay Bell was clearly the better choice overall.  He compiled 8.7 WAR over the course of five seasons and earned an All-Star berth as a Diamondback in 1999 (a year in which he hit .289/.374/.557 while belting 38 HR, scoring 132 runs and driving in 112 runs). 

We considered Dan Haren for the extra starting pitcher but sided with Ian Kennedy, instead.  Kennedy led the league in wins in 2011 (finishing fourth in Cy voting) and has compiled a very respectable 45-26 record in three seasons as a Diamondback (good for a 63.4% winning percentage).  By the numbers, it was close and Haren does have two all-star berths (Kennedy has none) but we went with Kennedy under the assumption that the 27 year-old means enough to the franchise right now to give him the nod over Haren (who has moved on). 

Here's our team, tell us what you think.

C - Miguel Montero
1B - Conor Jackson
2B - Orlando Hudson
SS - Stephen Drew
3B - Matt Williams
IF - Jay Bell
OF - Luis Gonzalez
OF - Steve Finley
OF - Chris Young
OF - Justin Upton
SP - Randy Johnson
SP - Brandon Webb
SP - Curt Schilling
SP - Ian Kennedy
RP - Jose Valverde


  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. Paul Goldschmidt at 1B. AJ Pollock into the OF probably now but definitely in a year or so. I like Craig Counsell over Jay Bell as the reserve IF. I like Dan Haren over Ian Kennedy.


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