Top Ten Baseball Movies (Comedy)

Time to do the best baseball comedies of all time (in my opinion of course). Feel free to disagree and let your feeling be known with a comment. Here we go...

10. It Happens Every Spring - This one is for Hersh. I was struggling to come up with a tenth, and he suggested this one. I have not seen it, but I trust his opinion. If he says it's funny, I'm sure it is. Now on to my picks of movies I've actually seen.

9. The Sandlot - Yes, a family film, but watching this movie reminded me of getting all the guys in my own home town together to play baseball every day in the summer. Complete with nasty, snarling dog on the other side of the fence when we hit homers. Some of the most fun I ever had was playing backyard baseball in the summer.

8. Major League 2 - Yes there was a dropoff here, but it at least still had all the major characters from the original (spoiler alert - it appears later in the list, so I'll save comments). The only change was Omar Epps stepping in, which I thought he did admirably.

7. Bad News Bears in Breaking Training - The gang goes to the Astrodome to play a game and hijinks ensue along the way. William Devane steps in to replace the incomparable Walter Mathau. The story line between Mike Leak and Kelly Leak is a little lame, but the movie is funny. "I'm caught up between my Catfish Hunter and my Warren Spahn." -Carmen Ronzoni

6. Mr. Baseball - Magnum P.I., er, Tom Selleck goes to Japan to play ball after his career begins to fizzle in America. Funny clash of cultures movie with Selleck playing the brash American well. Of course if it's a baseball movie, Dennis Haysbert has to be in it.

5. A League Of Their Own - Interesting story of the professional womens league during WWII. Hanks is great as Jimmy Dugan, the washed up manager who couldn't care less about the team. The film has the memorable "There's no crying in baseball!" line. Features Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O'Donnell before they became insufferable.

4. The Bad News Bears ('76) - All deference to Billy Bob and the remake, but this one is the classic. Walter Mathau as Buttermaker and street tough Kelly Leak make this one a very funny movie. Not to mention Tanner, the racist, trucker-mouth little kid. It's pretty timeless, and will always be funny.

3. Brewster's Millions - Baseball not exactly the main theme of the movie, but it plays enough of a prevalent role to count. This is another film that can be watched over and over again. Comic genius from Richard Pryor and John Candy. If you haven't seen it, find it soon.

2. Bull Durham - I can foresee a lot of people having this number one. It is a great movie centering on an again minor league veteran, Crash Davis, and his mentoring of young phenom Ebby Calvin "Nuke" Laloosh. They compete on the diamond as well as for the affection of Annie Savoy. Nuke (after serving up a home run): It's like he knew what was coming. Crash: He did...I told him! Seeing the bull get plunked time and time again was also funny!

1. Major League - Great characters abound in this film from the manager to Pedro Cerrano to Willie Mays Hayes. "You may run like Mays, but you hit like sh*t!" One of Charlie Sheen's best roles before he went crazy. Tom Berenger as aging catcher Jake Taylor also is very good in this film. Another must see if you haven't already.

I tried to shy away from some of the campy ones like Little Big League, Rookie Of The Year, and Angels In The Outfield. What other good ones did I miss?


  1. With all due respect... I disagree with a couple of your choices and the placement of one of my all-time favorites, The Sandlot. I will watch it every time it's on.

    I'm not sure if I agree with "Brewster's Millions" as a baseball movie and I wasn't a huge fan of Mr. Baseball. Personal preferences aside, I think that you've got the top two right. A lot of people would go with Bull Durham number one but I'm a bigger fan of Major League. From there, The Sandlot, A League of Their Own and Bad News Bears are probably interchangeable at 3, 4 and 5.

  2. As an English major, I have to go with the Greek definition of comedy, which means it has a happy ending. Therefore, I submit "Field of Dreams" to replace "Brewster's Millions." James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner beat out Pryer any day. Also, I agree "Sandlot" has to be moved up. Note: As Mc's mother, I have to be right.

  3. Mrs Mc! Good stuff... You ARE right. Thanks for chiming in- gotta help me keep these guys in line.

  4. Reprimanded by your mother on your blog. Need I say more?

    I hated The Bad News Bears Breaking Training, the only one that was good was the first with Mathau. Major League was good, but Bull Durham beats it out.

  5. I want an honorable mention. The softball scene from gung ho.

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