Rays All-Time Team v.2012

Last year's team can be seen here.

The Rays have only been around for 13 years so this team lacks the star power of some of the other All-Time teams that we have put together.  Despite their short history, the Rays have continually fielded competitive teams, challenging the Yankees and Red Sox year after year.

This year, in order to complete the Rays All-Time team and promote consistency, we added one position player and two starting pitchers.

There were a couple of players on the current roster worth considering as new editions and some weak spots that we felt needed to be addressed, as well.  For the extra position spot, we tossed around names like Wade Boggs and Jose Canseco but we really didn't want to add a swan song year type of player as it goes against the grain of what we're trying to accomplish; we aim to field the group of players that best represents a particular franchise (not the best player that ever played for that team) so it's tenure over prime when it comes to our All-Time Franchise teams.

Without further adieu, here's our team:

C - Toby Hall
1B - Fred McGriff
2B - Ben Zobrist
SS - Julio Lugo
3B - Evan Longoria
IF - Carlos Pena
OF - Carl Crawford
OF - B.J. Upton
OF - Aubrey Huff
DH - Rocco Baldelli
SP - David Price
SP - Scott Kazmir
SP - James Shields
SP - Matt Garza
RP - Roberto Hernandez

As mentioned, we added Rocco Baldelli to last year's team while switching Carlos Pena from DH to our extra infielder position.  We also added "Big Game" James Shields and Matt Garza to our rotation.  We also decided that Ben Zobrist had done enough to warrant being a member of this squad.  Let us know what you think.

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  1. I would add Desmond Jennings to the OF, shift Aubrey Huff to DH and drop Rocco Baldelli. Kevin Kiermaier is a comer. I like Alex Cobb over Matt Garza.


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