All-Time Rays Team

Today, we're taking a look at the All-Time team for the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Rays have only been around for 12 years so it's no surprise that this team lacks the star power of some of the other All-Time teams that we have previously compiled.  Remarkably, the Rays have established an aura of success despite shipping away most of their free-agent talent and they boast one of the most exciting players in baseball.  Picking the team was pretty easy - we had some disagreement up the middle but since the pool of players was fairly small, there wasn't a lot of data to mull over.  Second base was essentially a 'pick 'em' of speed or power.  In the end, an all-star appearance was the differentiator (why we picked Bartlett over Jorge Cantu).  Some notable names left off of our list - Rocco Baldelli, Wade Boggs, Jose Canseco and the all-time franchise wins and innings pitched leader, James Shields.  So here's our list... tell us what you think.

C - Toby Hall
1B - Fred McGriff

2B - Jason Bartlett
SS - Julio Lugo
3B - Evan Longoria
OF - Carl Crawford
OF - BJ Upton
OF - Aubrey Huff
DH - Carlos Pena
SP - David Price
SP - Scott Kazmir
RP - Roberto Hernandez


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