All-Time Dodgers Team

The Dodgers are one of the proudest franchises in baseball history.  Their 21 National League pennants is tied for most all-time (with the Giants) and many great players have worn the Dodger Blue so picking the right names for the All-Time team was a bit of a challenge.  I think that there will be some debate here as there are quite a few worthy names out there that did not make our list but once we had all of the names laid out, it was fairly easy for us to agree on the cream of the crop.  Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese, Don Sutton, Orel Hersheiser, Mike Piazza and Davey Lopes didn't make the cut, yet they are revered figures in Dodger and baseball lore (which made leaving them off of our list even more painful).  The only real point of contention was relief pitcher; do you go with Eric Gagne who amassed huge numbers and a Cy Young over the course of three amazing seasons or the insanely reliable Ron Perranoski who was Major League Baseball's first relief pitcher to be credited with thirty saves in a season (and a remarkable season in 1963 in which he won 16 games as a reliever)?  In the eleventh hour, we decided to make an exception to our post-1920 rule for dead ball era Hall of Famer and all-time Dodgers hits/games played leader, Zack Wheat. 

So here is our list - enjoy and please let us know what you think.

C - Roy Campanella
1B - Steve Garvey
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Maury Wills
3B - Ron Cey
OF - Duke Snider
OF - Carl Furillo
OF - Zack Wheat
SP - Sandy Koufax
SP - Don Drysdale
RP - Ron Perranoski


  1. Nice to see The Penguin on the list. Tough to leave off Piazza whom many have called best offensive catcher of all time. Campy did have 3 MVP awards. Had it not been for his tragic accident, Campy may have won more.

  2. Campy gets the nod on talent and unrealized potential due to circumstances outside of his control. 3 MVPs is pretty damn good but he might have won 3 more... By all accounts, he was that good.

    I heard a story about Piazza... Not sure where I read it... Apparently, he was in town for a BoSox game and was comp'd tix to a Celtics game. The young kid in charge of making sure Piazza was taken care of ended up watching his girlfriend go home with Mike Piazza.

  3. Take your sister, not your girlfriend to see Mike Piazza. The other tough choice to leave off was Pee Wee Reese. He's a Hall of Famer and Wills is not, but Wills had a bigger impact at the time he played. And look at all the pitchers we had to leave off, Newk, Sutton, Hershiser,Fernando and Osteen.

  4. I would put Hodges in instead of Garvey.. and Sutton probably was a slightly better pitcher than Drysdale.. but I wouldn't fight you for it.


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