All-Time Diamondbacks Team

Down to the final two All-Time teams. I'm rifling through these last few - taking a look at the Diamondbacks.

The D-backs have only been around since 1998 which makes them the youngest franchise in baseball (along with the Rays) and yet they have something that many franchises don't - a World Series ring (which they won in 2001).

There were a lot of pick 'ems. Guys like Tony Womack, Jay Bell, Damian Miller and Chris Young just missed the cut. But the biggest point of contention was starting pitcher. Do you take Curt Schilling and his two 20 win seasons and WS MVP or do you take Brandon Webb and his Cy Young? We went with Webb because his tenure is a little longer and although they had similar success, Webb has the only Cy Young.

C- Miguel Montero
1B- Conor Jackson
2B- Orlando Hudson
SS- Stephen Drew
3B- Matt Williams
OF- Luis Gonzalez
OF- Steve Finley
OF- Justin Upton
SP- Randy Johnson
SP- Brandon Webb
RP- Jose Valverde

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  1. It only took 4 years for this team to win a championship and they have been awful mostly since then. I would have taken Schilling.


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