All-Time Marlins Team

We finish our list of all time teams with the Florida Marlins. No particular reason, it was merely the last one left. The Marlins came into the National League along with the Colorado Rockies in 1993. It didn't take them long to put together a great team, and in 1997 they won their first World Series. Six years later, they added a second World Series title in 2003. Amazingly, both times winning the Fall Classic, the team started out as the Wild Card. The 1997 team had some nice veteran players like Moises Alou, Bobby Bonilla, and Dutch Daulton making contributions toward the title. Pitching was key to that first championship too with Kevin Brown, Al Leiter, and a young Livan Hernandez pitching well down the stretch. The 2003 also adeptly mixed in solid pitching with veterans Carl Pavano and Mark Redmond and newcomers Dontrelle Willis and Josh Beckett coming on late in the season.

A sad fact of the team has always been their lack of drawing power in South Florida. It seems to be a football and basketball town with the Marlins a distant third. This has led to many "fire sales" where the team has traded off much of its talent after winning the titles. Through it all, the Fish always seem to put a competitive team on the field. Here are the best of the best in the 18 year history.

C - Charles Johnson
1B - Derek Lee
2B - Dan Uggla
SS - Hanley Ramirez
3B - Mike Lowell
OF - Miguel Cabrera
OF - Gary Sheffield
OF - Cliff Floyd
SP - Dontrelle Willis
SP - Josh Johnson
CL - Robb Nenn


  1. A couple of championships in a short period of time, as a Phillies fan, I'm jealous. I do feel from the lack of fan support, this is one team I would disban. 28 teams would be more than enough. Arizona would be the other.

  2. Really?
    Marlins do not have an 80 years tradition nor the coffers to buy the Halladays, Lees, etc your team have.

  3. If the salary cap were in place at 100 million, your team would not enjoy the kind of seasons they are having lately.Just think about it

  4. We admire the Marlins for the relative success that they have had in a short period of time... They win despite a small payroll. Big payrolls don't always amount to championships, either (just ask the Mets and Dodgers). If the Marlins had the fan support, they would be able to keep more of their talent around. Be it as it may, the Fish are always right there and have done a great job. Respectfully, I'm not sure what you're gripe is.

  5. hmm.. I agree with this list except that I think Kevin Brown should replace Josh Johnson on the list.

  6. Quillero your team has the right to spend as much as the Phils do, but they don't get the fan support. They bought their first championship and quickly disbanded the team. Phillies sell out every game which gives them the opportunity to spend.

  7. Where is Luis Castillo? he was a longtime marlin.

  8. Fair point on Castillo, he was good and was certainly considered. We felt Uggla was the better choice. Where else would we put him?


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