Fox, Timberlake and Buck Embarrassed By All-Star Misstep

Mc asked me what I thought about Justin Timberlake's comments at the All-Star game... a game which could be described as somewhat boring... so I'm going to give you my take on the matter.

In case you missed it, you can check out the transcript of the insanely awkward interview here.

Overall, I thought Timberlake's comments were funny.  I'm not sure if he did himself any favors appearing drunk on national television but the fact that he called out Buck is humorous.  Like I mentioned, the whole interview was awkward- Mark Grace appeared to be trying wayyy too hard to be 'cool' around Timberlake, Timberlake appeared intoxicated and referenced his love for beer and in the end, a cat grabbed Buck's tongue leaving him clearly deflated.  Perhaps it was a bit uncalled for but we all know how terrible and pompous Joe Buck has been over the course of his broadcasting career so I have a tough time feeling bad for him now.  Should we feel bad because he has a vocal chord virus (leaving his voice a bit raspy)?  Should we feel bad that Fox put him on the air despite their knowledge of his vocal chord virus?  Should we feel bad that JT called him out for being somewhat classless and pedestrian in the broadcast booth?  I'll let you answer those questions for yourself.

A key point that should be noted is Timberlake mentioning his love for the Dodgers.  I feel that could be construed as a direct reference to the fact that so many people want to see Vin Scully call a World Series (there is a petition out there in cyberspace, if you're interested).  Like I said, his comments won't sit well with many but if we all agree that Buck is pretty bad (which we do) and we all agree that Fox shouldn't have put him on the big stage with a bad set of pipes (which we probably do) and we agree that we would all love to see something different when the World Series rolls around, then I'm thinking that this was a step in the right direction towards achieving that goal.


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