A Sincere Thank You!! - 10,000 Page Views

Today marks another mini milestone celebration for us at FBJ as we cleared 10,000 page views. Our most sincere thanks to all of you that regularly visit our blog and also the casual reader. We love sharing our thoughts and ideas with all of you and greatly welcome and enjoy your feedback as well. It took us 6 months to reach 5,000 page views, and a mere 5 weeks to make the second 5,000 views. We will continue to write articles and pieces that we find interesting and that we think you will find interesting. Look for more historical pieces, player profiles, debates, trivia, fantasy info, and other interactive posts in the future.

We have a Facebook page dedicated to the blog that you can also check out, and we'd of course appreciate people "liking" the page. We've also begun establishing relationships with other, team specific, baseball blogs. Since our site focuses on all baseball matters, our goal is to partner with what we feel is the best blog for each team. That way, you can get team specific content through us instead of scouring the Internet. In the end, we'd like to have 30 team specific sites in our blog roll. Many thanks to Phillies Nation for your support, check them out if you're a Phils fan!

We've also recently begun a tie-in with baseball-reference.com so that our posts will appear in relevant player pages. Further, we've finished our All-Time Teams list and now have a database that allows you to compare all time teams or the best player at each position. That's going to be continuously updated as we add All-Decade Teams, All-Position lists, etc.

Finally, we rely on all of our readers for support and we thank you very much for checking us out. Please pass our name along to people that may find interest in the topics we discuss.

Mc, OCP, and The Hersh

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