All-Decade Team 1950s NL

If we were pitting our all decade teams against each other in a tournament, I'm not certain any other decade could stand toe to toe with the 1950s NL team. This is a dominating and stacked lineup and pitching staff chock full of Hall of Fame members. The 1950s, and 1960s for that matter, were a true golden age of baseball. There were powerhouse players on just about every team, and the absurdity of salaries and "business-like" aspects of the game had not taken shape like today. It's still America's Pastime, and the popularity of baseball has never been greater. However, from handed down stories to documentary footage to my imagination of the era, it seems like it was a more pure time for baseball. Following is our 1950s NL team which has very few holes in it. Let us know if we missed anyone.

C - Roy Campanella
1B - Stan Musial
2B - Jackie Robinson
3B - Eddie Mathews
SS - Ernie Banks
IF - Gil Hodges
OF - Hank Aaron
OF - Willie Mays
OF - Duke Snider
OF - Richie Ashburn
SP - Warren Spahn
SP - Robin Roberts
SP - Lew Burdette
SP - Johnny Antonelli
CL - Hoyt Wilhelm


  1. It's hard to imagine there could be a better offensive all decade team. I think the 60's will have a better pitching staff, but this team is awesome. Imagine being the manager for this team and making out the lineup?

    By the way, Banks is the SS and Eddie Mathews is at 3b.

  2. I can't believe that Hodges is not in the HOF.


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