Mariners All-Time Team v.2012

Today we're taking a look at the Mariners All-Time team, version 2012.  Last year's inaugural team can be seen here.  

The Mariners have not been around that long so this team is definitely weaker than most.  They have had some good teams throughout the years but more notably, they have had some truly great players spend significant time in Seattle. 

Looking at this All-Time team, you'll see four all-time greats (not including Felix Hernandez who is well on his way to all-time immortality)... very impressive for a team that's only been around since 1977.  The Mariners All-Time team certainly lacks depth; we added an infielder and two starting pitchers to last year's team as part of our roster revamping process and that lack of depth really made it difficult for us to find a worthy nominee.

For the infielder, we begrudgingly went with Bret Boone.  Boone spent seven seasons in Seattle, earning two Silver Sluggers, two Gold Gloves and two all-star appearances during his tenure.  He was the most worthy recipient available by the numbers but his legacy was tarnished by steroid mplications.  Regardless, we couldn't find anyone else worthy of the nomination so we went with Boone.

For the starting pitchers, we settled on King Felix Hernandez pretty quickly and then threw out Mark Langston and Freddy Garcia as possible nominee for the last spot.  Langston led the league in strikeouts three times while pitching for the Mariners and earned two Gold Gloves and one all-star appearance.  Garcia earned two all-star appearances and won an ERA title in 2001 (the year the Mariners won 116 games).  It was basically a pick em and we went with Garcia. 

Here's our full squad.  Tell us what you think.

C - Dan Wilson
1B - Alvin Davis
2B - Harold Reynolds
SS - Alex Rodriguez
3B - Adrian Beltre
IF - Bret Boone
OF - Ichiro Suzuki
OF - Ken Griffey Jr.
OF - Jay Buhner
DH - Edgar Martinez
SP - Jamie Moyer
SP - Randy Johnson
SP - Felix Hernandez
SP - Freddy Garcia
RP - Kazuhiro Sasaki


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