All-Time Mariners Team

The Seattle Mariners came into the American League in 1977 as an expansion team along with the Blue Jays. In their 33 year history, they have made the playoffs 4 times, all of which spanned the years of 1995 - 2001. They have yet to make a World Series appearance in their history. Despite their lack of major success, there are a few sure fire Hall of Fame players on their all time list.

C - Dan Wilson
1B - Alvin Davis
2B - Harold Reynolds
SS - Alex Rodriguez
3B - Adrian Beltre
OF - Ichiro Suzuki
OF - Ken Griffey Jr.
OF - Jay Buhner
DH - Edgar Martinez
SP - Jamie Moyer
SP - Randy Johnson
CL - Kazuhiro Sasaki


  1. I might have went Bret Boone if not for the steroid allegations. Reynolds was right there and he was clean.

    I might have also went with King Felix. I'm a huge Jamie Moyer fan - my father in law grew up across the street from him, his mom was still working at the local grocery store up until a few years ago and Jamie has always been a gamer...
    BUT... Jamie wasn't a career Mariner (11 seasons when they were great) he amassed 100+ wins elsewhere and was never really exceptional. Felix has a dominant pitcher on a bad team. Sure, he only has 7 seasons but he has more AS appearances than Jamie and a Cy. The only thing Jamie has are the wins.

  2. The only thing Jamie has are the wins? I'll take the wins. This is a good team despite a short career span. Little weak at catcher, but all-stars everywhere else.


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