All-time Phillies Team

Here at Baseball Junkies, we'll often ask you to make a list of an all-time team, players, etc. Typically we allow for any 3 outfielders, not necessarily LF, CF, and RF (although bonus points if that's how you do it). Also 2 starting pitchers and one reliever/closer. Since the majority of our readers thus far are Phillies fans, I thought that would make the best team to start with. I'm not putting any year restrictions on this, although many of us may not know some of the older Phils. Here's what I got...see if your list differs from mine.

C-Dutch Daulton
1B-Ryan Howard
2B-Chase Utley
SS-Jimmy Rollins
3B-Mike Schmidt
OF-Chuck Klein
OF-Bobby Abreu
OF-Richie Ashburn
SP-Steve Carlton
SP-Robin Roberts
RP-Tug McGraw


  1. I can't have Abreu on my team, Phils got better after they traded him and the Yanks got worse when he got there. I'll put Luzinski in my outfield.

  2. If you're looking for a replacement for Abreu- Ed Delahanty or Cactus Gavvy Cravath would be good picks. Not sure I'd replace Abreu, though.

    Pete Alexander deserves at least an honorable mention...

  3. Lieberthal and Daulton are close... Chooch could take that honor- he has the ability.

  4. darren daulton lol. he hit less than .250 where is bob boone! boone didnt have the power like daulton who had what 3 good years out of 14 but he hit for better average and was a much better fielder! 3 or 4 more years like chooch had this year and i would take him over daulton! where is del ennis?

  5. I'd go Lieberthal before Boone. Dutch hit .245 for career and Boone was .254. Lieby was .274 and split the difference in "pop" between them. Chooch needs a few more solid years to be in the running.

    Del Ennis is a good call. Didn't really know much about him, but he has the numbers to supplant Abreu maybe.

  6. boone was clutch. check out his world series numbers in 80

  7. Leiberthal for me. I'd also have to think about replacing Abreu with Garry Maddox for defensive purposes.

  8. Larry Bowa > Jimmy Rollins


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