Fantasy 1B Rankings

Fantasy drafts are closer than you think. It's never too late to start thinking about potential draft day selections. We're going to run through our picks at each position each week leading up to draft day. The format will assume a 12 team league, and we'll also pick 4 sleeper picks. Without further ado, here's 1B.

  1. Albert Pujols - no brainer, probably the number 1 overall pick of most drafts
  2. Miguel Cabrera - 1st rounder, like AP, combines power, run production, and average
  3. Joey Votto - could also be 1st rounder, expect another big year
  4. Adrian Gonzalez - maybe 1st round, certainly top of the 2nd. Look what he did with nothing in SD, now he has Boston protection. Big numbers coming.
  5. Mark Teixeira - relegated to 2nd round. Don't be afraid of the slow first half. Pencil him in for 30 and 100.
  6. Ryan Howard - average is the only thing holding him out of top 5. 2nd round unless taken by a zealous Phillies fan. Still looking at 35 and 120 probably.
  7. Prince Fielder - power numbers went way down without a loss of games played. Could be traded mid-season. Probably 3rd round, maybe 4th.
  8. Kevin Youkilis - should have 1B eligibility based on last year. Would have been 30/100/.300 if not for injuries. Chances are he's gone by now, having been taken as 3B.
  9. Justin Morneau - injuries killed his 2010, but he was on pace for 35 and 110. 4th or 5th round.
  10. Kendry Morales - coming off that broken leg celebrating a homerun. Morales can put it together for power, run production, and average. People may forget about him due to the injury.
  11. Adam Dunn - you know he's good for 35 bombs a year, but he has b2b .260 averages and was still knocking out homers in Washington.
  12. Paul Konerko - put it all together 39/111/.312. Gets some more protection in Dunn, but he's getting a little long in the tooth. If you miss a top guy, Konerko could be a good mid-rounds selection. Especially if you use a CI spot.
  1. Matt LaPorta - Should get lion's share of starts. He's suppose to put it all together soon, maybe it's this year.
  2. Ike Davis - 19 and 71 in rookie campaign. Barring sophomore slump, could be a good season in Flushing for Ike.
  3. Billy Butler - the average has been there, the power and rbi's are coming. Still only going to be 25 at season start. Could be a great late round steal.
  4. Adam LaRoche - still doesn't have a team, but did 25 and 100 last year for Arizona. If he finds a good situation, could be worth a CI or Utility spot.
What do you think? Who'd we miss, who should be higher, who's another sleeper?


  1. I think Carlos Pena could have a bounceback year... .240 with 35 HR is not out of the realm of possibility. Gaby Sanchez is a nice late round addition- not as much power as the others and not as much upside as Davis but he's got .320 potential. Nice post...

  2. Gaby Sanchez is the most obvious left out. 19-85-273 could turn into the 2nd best 1b in the east in 2011.

    Aubrey Huff-26-86-290 in 2010 32-108-304 in 2008...2009 marred with switching teams 15-85-241
    Possible improvements not sleepers
    Mark Reynolds- Playing first base in BAL with some protection. But he'll STILL K 200+ times and have a BA just above 200.

    I agree Pena will have a +200 BA this year if he doesn't look for him to be traded again by the break (1yr deal)

  3. howards average was over .300 b4 injury last year! votto is just as good as pujols so is cabrera. have to give edge to pujols but not a no brainer as mentioned. votto didnt have a holiday hitting behind him

  4. So, anonymous, if you have first pick in the draft, you're not taking Pujols? Numbers wise over Votto, AP had more homers, more RBI, more hit, more runs, and trailed avg by .012. Remember this is fantasy rankings, not MVP or best player. Protection plays a part in who is the better overall selection.

  5. If you want to post Anonymous, use the "Name/URL" option to distinguish yourself without the need to set up an account...

  6. Nice site guys! My first choice would be Adrian Gonzales. As well as he hit in Petco, the worst hitting park in th league, I think he'll tear it up at Fenway and the AL parks. No disrespect to any of the other guys, just look out for a breakout year from this very talented player.

  7. ocp im hersh's brother i will come up with a name in due time. i know its fantasy pick. i hate fantasy sports. im sure pujols will put up better numbers this year. he's a free agent after all. he is like frank thomas in alot of ways. he loves his stats!


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