All-Time Tigers Team

Back to the AL with an all Tiger team. Matches up pretty well with the other all-time teams, but maybe a little weak in pitching.

C-Bill Freehan
1B-Hank Greenberg
2B-Charlie Gehringer
SS-Alan Trammell
3B-George Kell
OF-Ty Cobb
OF-Al Kaline
OF-Harry Heilmann
DH-Sam Crawford
SP-Hal Newhouser
SP-Jack Morris
CL-Willie Hernandez

7 out of 9 hitters are HOF as well as Newhouser. Let us know who we overlooked.


  1. No sweet lou? Or the mobs favorite bag man denny mcclain? No lights out Mickey lolitch or mark the bird now the corpse fidrych? Boo

  2. I originally had Lolich but my cohorts overruled me with Morris. Sweet Lou great player, but Gehringer is among the best all time.

  3. You could have gone Lolich... Your name is on the list- don't change because of our internal discussions. The readers can go with Fidrych if the Birdman inspired the- that's what is so great about the blog- your opinion is yours.

  4. im anonymous hersh's brother not the one who said mark one year wonder b4 my arm died fidrych but mickey lolich over jack morris. love him or hate him lance parish put up good numbers b4 being a total dud in philly

  5. Anonymous Hersh's brother... just a suggestion- post with a name/URL so we know who you are. Click the drop down box that says "Comment As" and create a name so we can identify you.

  6. lolich had better numbers in detroit than morris. and he won 3 games in the 68 world series himself!

  7. I would go with Lolich myself. Morris is hard to argue with, Mickey won 3 games in a series they were down 3-1. McClain also. A 31 game winner? 2 time cy young winner? all before the age of 25?

  8. Let's not forget Willie Horton and Norm Cash. Lance Parrish, Kirk Gibson, Lou Whitaker and Mickey Cochrane.

  9. parrish and freehan are close! cochrane spent majority time with a's i think


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