Fantasy 2B Rankings

Time for another fantasy breakdown. This week it's second basemen. Same as before, we'll pick top 12 and add 4 sleepers. Feel free to add comments of where you disagree or others you would add.

1. Robinson Cano - doubles machine, power, average, everything.
2. Chase Utley - if healthy, he'll produce as he has in the past.
3. Dustin Pedroia - fills up a lot of stat categories.
4. Dan Uggla - great power, should produce in ATL, and just signed a contract ext.
5. Ian Kinsler - health another issue, but best power/speed 2B when not on DL.
6. Brandon Phillips - major down year despite Reds success. Another good power/speed guy.
7. Ricky Weeks - when healthy, could vault himself to the top of the list.
8. Martin Prado - quietly hit .300+ last year. Great pick if you miss one of the top guys.
9. Brian Roberts - yet again, health. Proceed with caution drafting.
10. Kelly Johnson - the pop may not be there again, but good late round pick.
11. Howie Kendrick - good average, surprising 75 RBI last year. He could put it all together.
12. Chone Figgins - mostly SB at this point, couple of disappointing seasons.


1. Gordon Beckham - let down last year, hopefully he puts it back together this year.
2. Neil Walker - good surprise last year. Could produce for the Buckos.
3. Aaron Hill - numbers down, but major power here.
4. Yoshii Nishioka - new Twins acquisition. Ichiro Lite as OCP puts it.

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  1. Hey all... Just got back from Texas- made sure to wear my new Phils Cliff Lee jersey-tee :-)

    Whoever emerges as the starting 2b in Tampa Bay could be a nice sleeper pick. Without knowing eligibility, I would say Sean Rodriguez, Zobrist and Reid Brignac are worth a look- high risk but any of them could be worth a late pick


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