All-Time Rockies Team

I'm going rogue this week in the interest of getting this out mid-week like all the others have been. So these are my picks and mine alone. The Rockies are entering their 18th season, and already have a formidable lineup, albeit shaky pitching. Here's all time Rockies ready for the debate...including my co-bloggers.

C-Chris Ianetta (I don't like it anymore than you do)
1B-Todd Helton
2B-Eric Young
SS-Troy Tulowitzki
3B-Vinny Castilla
OF-Matt Holliday
OF-Larry Walker
OF-Dante Bichette
SP-Ubaldo Jiminez
SP-Aaron Cook
CL-Brian Fuentes


  1. Might go with Yorvit Torrealba or Joe Girardi over Chris Iannetta but it feels like you're caught picking between a root canal and a colonoscopy. I can't argue with any of your other picks.

  2. Can't argue with the picks, good job. Special kudos to Ellis Burks and Pedro Astacio.

  3. In a few years, CarGo makes this team. At one point, Jeff Francis was on the path towards being the best SP in Rox history...

  4. CarGo might bump Bichette. I still think theres a letdown this year.

  5. Letdown, really? That's very interesting... sophomore slump or something there that I'm missing?

  6. It is a shame galarraga couldn't make the team. I can't even think of any pitchers that should be considered

  7. "Can't even think of any pitchers should be considered."

    Coors might have something to do with that...


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