All-Time Orioles Team

Back to the AL after a bit of a hiatus. The O's had some great teams in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They've fallen on some tough times now, but we're going to celebrate the franchise with this week's all time team. Enjoy, debate, rabble-rouse, whatever you like!

C - Gus Triandos
1B- George Sisler (St. Louis Browns)
2B - Bobby Grich
SS - Cal Ripken Jr.
3B - Brooks Robinson
OF - Frank Robinson
OF - Ken Williams (St. Louis Browns)
OF - Paul Blair
DH - Eddie Murray
SP - Jim Palmer
SP - Dave McNally
CL - Gregg Olson

A lot of people might suggest Brady Anderson in the outfield and Brian Roberts at 2B. Without steroid and HGH implications, they may have made our team. We were somewhat split while putting the list together on these players. Mike Cuellar and Mike Mussina get some consideration too as Starters. Who else did we miss?


  1. All good choices. But I'd consider Boog Powell at first. Rick Dempsey at catcher and either Mike Boddicker or Mike Mussina instead of McNally.

    Dempsey doesn't have the numbers to support being there, but man, he kicked my Phillies butts in the 83 series.

  2. I thought that Brian Roberts deserved the nod... body of work as an Oriole. Grich was a phenomenal defensive player but Roberts ranks pretty high up in Orioles history. He didn't have the "spike" that other players had; he's been pretty consistent throughout his career. Brady Anderson doesn't make the cut because his spike was so volatile.

    I think that I had Murray at first and Powell at DH but Sisler deserves to make the team... winning an MVP when he played meant something. I had Ken Singleton over Ken Williams but I think that Williams is the better pick. He played some of his career pre-1920 but he put up some solid numbers. Can't believe there's not a better pick in the OF.

  3. Other than the players we picked, it's hard to believe there's not more outfielders to choose from. It was hard to leave Boog Powell off the team, but who do you take off? Murray or Sisler? I say neither. McNally was better than Boddicker or Mussina. You could make a better case for Cuellar.

  4. Robbie Alomar may be a scum bag, but he was perhaps the best player in baseball during his time as an Oriole. I also would rather go with all Orioles, no Browns.

  5. Ignoring the St. Louis Browns would mean ignoring almost half of the team's history. It's almost like saying "forget about those Ruth and Gehrig characters" when choosing an all-time Yankees team.

  6. Thanks for commenting Left Field.


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