All Time Team - Same Team

This is an alternative all time team. My dad thought of this a few years ago and I thought it would be interesting to share with everyone. I've been doing all time teams with my dad ever since I was little. This one entails picking someone at every position, plus DH and 2 pitchers, whereby the player was with the same team his whole career. It would be fairly easy to do prior to the advent of the free agent era. As a challenge, my dad qualified it by saying they had to be playing after 1980. So their career could have started prior to 1980, but they had to be playing afterward. Here's the list...

C-Johnny Bench
1B-Albert Pujols
2B-Craig Biggio
SS-Cal Ripken
3B-Mike Schmidt
OF-Tony Gwynn
OF-Kirby Puckett
OF-Robin Yount
DH-Edgar Martinez
SP-Jim Palmer
SP-Mark Buehrle
CL-Mariano Rivera

SS was a pretty rich position with Derek Jeter and Barry Larkin viable alternatives. Starting pitching is the hardest. Give me some more alternatives, who would you replace on this list?


  1. i would take sandberg over biggio. brett as dh palmer retired in 83 or 84 bench retired in 83. bench is greatest of all time so guess he has to stay. i would say verlander or lincecum in near future

  2. Sandberg played a few games with the Phillies, I made the same mistake. I might have to put Ichiro in the outfield and take Yount out.

  3. Ichiro is a great pick, Ken.

    Mark Buehrle can't be the best name out there... can he?

    Besides pitching, this is a damn good team.

  4. Sandberg was part of the Ivan DeJesus trade where Dallas Green plucked all the great Phillies and put them on the Cubs.

    In my opinion, Brett didn't play enough DH to qualify, and he loses out to Schmidt, although not by a ton. Ichiro over Yount I'm okay with at this point. I looked and it's hard to find someone better than Buehrle over the course of a career. You could say Lincecum or Verlander are better pitchers now, but they don't have nearly the number of wins as Buehrle.

  5. I found a better pitcher, Whitey Ford.

  6. OOps, forgot the post 1980 thing, nevermind.

  7. How about Ron Guidry? Pretty sure I would take him over Buehrle.

  8. Gator is a fine pick! Take him over Buehrle, agreed!

  9. mc i agree brett didnt play enough at dh but how many games did bench catch after 1980? im not saying take him off the list but he retired in 83. i also said verlander and lincecum near future thats why i mentioned them. i dont think guidry had as many wins after 1980 as buhrle did. his big year was 78. he did win 20 twice. that is a good name.

  10. I came on here to redeem myself and mention Guidry. Too little too late.


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