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Ballpark etiquette is a growing topic of concern at all Major League parks. I think most well-adjusted non-savage baseball game attendees know not to curse at the games or get fall-down drunk. Getting drunk at the ballpark always just seemed dumb to me. When I go to the stadium, it's for the rare experience of seeing the game live...something I want to remember. Get bombed and curse at the players from the comforts of your living room!

The topic addressed here involves being a fan of the visiting team. This topic gained national media prominence after the brutal beating of Bryan Stow in Los Angeles. His crime was being a Giants fan at a Dodger game. That's been editorialized enough, suffice it to say most everyone agrees that beating opposing fans without provocation is wrong. However, are there any responsibilities of the opposing team fan when attending games?

If you've read any of the posts I've written, you've determined I'm a Mets fan. Living half an hour from Philadelphia, that's not easy as you can imagine. I have attended a few Phils/Mets games and I have indeed worn Mets gear. Overall, my experiences have been positive with merely the occasional heckling from Phillies fans. A drunken "Mets Suck!" is about all the admonishment I've received for daring to wear my David Wright jersey or throwback Doc jersey. When I'm at these games, I cheer for my team, but not obnoxiously. I don't stand up and pop my jersey when the Mets score. I don't try to lead 'Let's Go Mets' chants at Citizen's Bank Park either. You have to respect that you're not at home and, yes, there is some onus on the away team fan not to act like a jerk while visiting. Likewise, heckling someone for wearing the other team's garb is just stupid. Live your life, cheer your team, and enjoy the game. One caveat, if I were to wear my Mets gear to a non-Mets game, I would expect and deserve any abuse that I got.

Most of the fights I've seen between rival fans involves copious amounts of consumed beer. See paragraph one above. If you're a visiting fan, probably not a good idea to get hammered...especially if you're a mean drunk!

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  1. I spend a lot of time at the Bank and I love tailgating... Never been in an argument nor have I done anything to embarrass myself. Know your limits with the booze, keep the comments playful and be respectul of your surroundings. I will tell you that The Mets suck and I think that you should expect that coming into enemy territory wearing your colors but I'm typically smiling while I'm saying it to let you know that it ain't personal. I expect you to cheer for your team but don't go looking for trouble... Be mindful of the fact that you're the away team. That being said, there is no place for beer bathing or fighting... None at all.

    I was at a game a few weeks ago and there was a couple (male and female) that were leaving in the 8th... I honestly thought that he was mentally handicapped. As they got closer, I realized that they were just really drunk. She was pretty much carrying him up the stairs. They reached the top of the steps about ten minutes later and proceeded to suck face in the concourse. I'm shocked that people don't realize how bad they look. My biggest fear is that one of them was probably driving home.


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