All-Time Twins Team

Back to the AL this week for our All-Time team. We're taking a look at the Twins. The Twins' roots go back to the Washington Senators; one of the eight original AL teams. They're also a very proud franchise that reveres loyalty. For those reasons, this team may be one of the best that we've put together. We had to pass up on a few really good pitchers (Johan Santana, Frank Viola and Jim Kaat) as well as some decent talent in the infield (Gary Gaetti and Zoilo Versalles). We didn't have to debate much because so many of the names on this list are "no doubt about it" talents. So here's our list, tell us what you think.

C- Joe Mauer
1B- Kent Hrbek
2B- Rod Carew
SS- Joe Cronin
3B- Harmon Killebrew
OF- Kirby Puckett
OF- Sam Rice
OF- Tony Oliva
DH- Mickey Vernon
SP- Walter Johnson
SP- Bert Blyleven
RP- Joe Nathan


  1. I really like this team, some of my all time favorites here in Killebrew and Oliva. I thought of putting Molitor at DH, but he didn't play there long enough. Would any of you Twins fans put Kaat or Santana over Blyleven?

  2. Could have also made an argument for Goose Goslin but I like our list... Could have been creative and put Killebrew at 1B and moved one of the OF to DH (leaving off Hrbek) but I really think Hrbek deserves a spot- he spent 14 years in Minnesota and made a couple of the biggest plays in franchise history. They retired his number, if that's any indication of how beloved he is to Twins fans.

  3. A very good team. So many that could have made the list that didn't. All that you mentioned, and Earl Battey and Bob Allison the guys behind/that made you pitch to Killlebrew. So many others that my feeble brain can't remember. Great Job as usual guys.


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