Top 10 Worst Announcers

We discussed great announcers earlier in the week. These were the greats that fans love to listen call games. As great as many of them were, there are an equal number of atrocities at the other end of the announcing spectrum. Bad announcers typically share several traits. They talk over the game action, they're arrogant and pompous, and generally grate on the ear. Everyone on this list meets those critetia in my opinion.

10. Phil Rizzuto
9. Bob Costas
8. Rick Sutcliffe
7. Chris Wheeler
6. Skip Caray
5. Jon Miller
4. Tim McCarver
3. Don Sutton
2. Joe Buck
1. Joe Morgan


  1. I'm not going to make any friends with this subject. First off, I like McCarver and Costas. Rizzuto didn't bother me.

    Wheeler would be higher on my list since I'm from Philly and I'm older, I've had to listen to this jerk for too many years. I would add Andy Musser

  2. I dont mind/like Costas.
    I like Joe Buck. I just dont know if I like Joe Buck more than I can't stand Tim McCarver. He makes me want to turn the game off. Not just Sunday Night Baseball. I want to turn off playoffs and World Series. Annoying.
    Thanks for great lists!

  3. Thanks for checking in and thanks for the compliment- we are working on some other random lists that I think you will like so check back in soon.

  4. Chris Wheeler should be higher on this list of worsts. I can't stand the way he talks up players on other teams, I don't care what kind of man-crush he has on Jose Reyes or that he would pay money just to watch Reyes play. If you couldn't view the game and only had Wheels and Tom McCarthy running their mouths about the game, you'd think the Phils were losing every game. He deserves to be top three of this list for his violation of Harry Kalas' prime rule: NEVER talk badly about ANY Phillies player! Like when he and Tom McCarthy discuss negative statistics or speaking with negative connotations, or back handed compliments about Phils players, how they are in a slump, etc. (McCarthy committed an ultimate Faux Pas, talking about how the opposing team had no hits through six or seven innings, while a no-hitter was going on! the opposing team shortly thereafter got a hit. What a tool!) At one point Wheeler spoke of how horrible things had been going for Chase Utley, who then promptly hit two home runs, never mind that Utley was returning from injury and didn't play in spring training, etc. Wheels Sucks! Listening to Wheeler and McCarthy call a game is like visiting the seventh circle of Hell for a Phils fan who grew up listening to Harry Kalas and Whitey Ashburn.

    P.S. At least Costas can describe the game in front of him, Wheels gets so off track he forgets the game is going on. And Buck needs to stop letting his true feelings about the teams, cities and fans he dislikes color his calling of the game. Like most of those on this list, I turn down the sound and merely watch the images.

  5. Buck is by far the worst. He doesn't even know what's going on half of the time, and the other half of the time he's flat out wrong.

  6. Buck is my personal number one worst, as well but as you can see above, some people actually like him.

    Justin Timberlake mocking him at the all-star game was epic... Perhaps a bit uncalled for but I laughed.

  7. Agree on Chris Wheeler. Master of the obvious. Everything he knows about the game someone told him.


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