All-Time Blue Jays Team

The Toronto Blue Jays formed in 1977 as an expansion of the American League. In their 33 year history, they have won 2 World Series going back to back in 1992 and 1993. Those teams were built to win with veterans like Paul Molitor, Rickey Henderson, and Dave Winfield having swan song years to gain rings. As with our other All Time teams, we place a premium on longevity with the team. Playing for only a year or two goes against the spirit of the all time team. The somewhat limited history also makes the team a little weaker than some of the older teams. Here are the best of the Blue Jays, and some debate points are prevalent.

C - Darrin Fletcher
1B - John Olerud
2B - Roberto Alomar
SS - Tony Fernandez
3B - Kelly Gruber
OF - George Bell
OF - Joe Carter
OF - Shawn Green
DH - Carlos Delgado
SP - Roy Halladay
SP - Dave Stieb
CL - Tom Henke

Originally we had Pat Borders, but I went a little off script as Fletcher had some decent years with the Jays batting .274 with them. Dave Stieb is a very underrated pitcher, not HOF or anything, but very good. 3B is weak, and we tried to find someone better to no avail. Who did we leave off that should warrant consideration?


  1. The only name not mentioned which I believe deserves consideration (and this name will generate a lot of strong emotion among Blue Jays fans, I'm sure) is Vernon Wells. He is second in team history in hits and HRs and top 5 in a handful of categories. He did set the team back two decades with his post-contract poor performance but he should prob be considered.

  2. Fair point. He should probably garner some consideration. Maybe for Bell or Green.

  3. It is a love hate relationship... I'm sure most
    Jays fans don't care we left him off.

    I would have swapped out Green.

  4. Not a Wells fan, so I don't miss him. Notable pitchers left off are Jimmy Key and Jim Clancy.


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