All-Time Padres Team

Taking a quick look at the Padres.  The Friars came into the league in 1969 sporting some of the ugliest jerseys in the business (with all due respect to those rainbow Astros jerseys of the mid to late 70's, the brown and yellow Padres unis were worse).  They've endured some success over the years, winning two NL pennants and five NL West division titles.  The All Time captain of this team is undoubtedly Tony Gwynn, who owns almost every record in franchise history; he has almost three times as many hits as the second person on the all-time franchise leaderboard and twice as many at bats as anyone else.  Besides Gwynn, the Padres don't boast many career-long studs.  The team contains players that put up numbers elsewhere.  We didn't have too much difficulty agreeing on this team except in the outfield where there was a case that could have been made for three or four guys over Brian Giles (if you can find a better name, please let me know) and third base where Caminiti* was passed up in favor of someone without the baggage.  We also favored A-Gon over Nate Colbert and I'm not sure how well that will be received by Padres faithful.  Gonzalez was the better all around player but his tenure was shorter and Colbert is one of only three position players in the Padres Hall of Fame (so it's tough to leave him off).  Randy Jones is the bona fide ace of this franchise All-Time team and Peavy is a deserving member, as well.  Here's our list.

C- Benito Santiago
1B- Adrian Gonzalez
2B- Mark Loretta
SS- Garry Templeton
3B- Phil Nevin
OF- Tony Gwynn
OF- Dave Winfield
OF- Brian Giles
SP- Randy Jones
SP- Jake Peavy
RP- Trevor Hoffman


  1. Not a very strong team and not a great history yet. Some HOFer's have played for them and didn't make this team, Fingers and Perry. Gaylord even won a CY while here, but only pitched 2 years there and Hoffman is hard to beat out in the closer's role.

  2. If only Ozzie Smith stayed, he'd be on the list for sure.

  3. At the time the trade of Ozzie for Templeton it looked like a steal for the Padres.


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