Best NL Player Nicknames

Time for another list as we love creating them at FBJ. Before I get hammered, this is not inclusive and arguments can be made to add some people over others. We didn't have an exact science when creating this list, but we chose some nicknames that are iconic to the franchise and others because we thought they were funny. Please offer your favorites or ones that we may have overlooked in the comments section!

Atlanta Braves
Hammerin' Hank - Hank Aaron
The Crime Dog - Fred McGriff
Mad Dog - Greg Maddux

Philadelphia Phillies (lots to choose from)
Whitey - Richie Ashburn
Chooch - Carlos Ruiz
The Flyin' Hawaiian - Shane Victorino

New York Mets
Doctor K/Doc - Dwight Gooden
HoJo - Howard Johnson
Tom Terrific - Tom Seaver

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos
The Kid - Gary Carter
The Hawk - Andre Dawson
Vlad The Impaler - Vladimir Guerrero

Florida Marlins
Conine The Barbarian - Jeff Conine
HanRam - Hanley Ramirez
Sea Bass - Alex Gonzalez

Cincinnati Reds
Charlie Hustle - Pete Rose
Little General - Johnny Bench
The Harangutan - Aaron Harang

Chicago Cubs
Three Finger - Mordecai Brown
Hippo - James Vaughn
Mr. Cub - Ernie Banks

St. Louis Cardinals
Prince Albert - Albert Pujols
The Mad Hungarian - Al Hrabosky
The Wizard of Oz - Ozzie Smith

Pittsburgh Pirates
The Flying Dutchman - Honus Wagner
The Cobra - Dave Parker
The Candyman - John Candelaria

Milwaukee Brewers
The Hebrew Hammer - Ryan Braun
Stormin' Gorman - Gorman Thomas
The Ignitor - Paul Molitor

Houston Astros
Bagpipes - Jeff Bagwell
The Toy Cannon - Jim Wynn
Fat Elvis - Lance Berkman

Arizona Diamondbacks
CoJack - Conor Jackson
Gonzo - Luis Gonzalez
O-Dog - Orlando Hudson

Colorado Rockies
The Toddfather - Todd Helton
CarGo - Carlos Gonzalez
Tulo - Troy Tulowitzki

San Diego Padres
Captain Video - Tony Gwynn
Jump Steady - Garry Templeton
Jack The Ripper - Jack Clark

San Francisco Giants
The Say Hey Kid - Willie Mays
Stretch - Willie McCovey
Will The Thrill - Will Clark

Los Angeles Dodgers
The Duke of Flatbush - Duke Snider
The Left Hand of God - Sandy Koufax
The Barber - Sal Maglie


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