2011 ALDS Predictions

The MLB postseason kicks off tonight and we're giving you our predictions because we love to make ourselves look bad.  Enjoy!

Yankees vs. Tigers

OCP Prediction - Tigers in 5

Why the Tigers will win:

Since the addition of Doug Fister, the Tigers rotation has been awesome; among the strongest rotations in all of baseball.  Justin Verlander will negate the advantage that the Yankees have over most teams (his name is CC Sabathia) and Max Scherzer and Doug Fister are better than anything the Yankees will throw out there.  They also have the one player on either team with the greatest potential to carry a team - Miguel Cabrera.  They also have a really good closer in Jose Valverde.

Reasons the Yankees could win:

They're the Yankees so they are battle tested in the postseason.  They have home field advantage and if the game gets to the 9th inning, they've got the most dominant pitcher in the history of postseason baseball.

MC Prediction: Yankees in 5

Yankee Notes:

The Yankees will have to get decent starts out of someone not named Sabathia.  Whether Nova continues to pitch well, or if someone like Freddy Garcia steps up.  You never know which AJ Burnett you're going to get, but at this point, you can't count on consistency there.  Moving Robinson Cano into the three hole looks like a good move- it puts their best hitter in the three hole and allows them to protect Alex Rodriguez with Mark Teixeira.  They won't have problems scoring runs.

Tigers Notes:

Not quite sold on the Tigers pitching staff.  They need more than Justin Verlander.  The offense should rally behind Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera but I think that it's an uphill battle against the Yankees.

Rangers vs. Rays

OCP Prediction - Rays in 5

Why the Rays will win:

Although the Rangers are clearly better on paper, this one could be a classic as I think that the Rays are riding a wave of momentum that is going to be tough to stop.  The Rangers strength is the depth of their staff and their tremendous offensive assault but the Rays have better top of the rotation stuff in Big Game James Shields and David Price and if Matt Moore can somehow pull off a game one upset, it sets up the Rays very well.

Why the Rangers could win:

Their offense is tremendous and they know what it takes to win because they were here last year.  They have very underrated starting pitching and a solid bullpen that was bolstered by the addition of Mike Adams.  If Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre are truly healthy, they should have no problem scoring runs.

 Mc Prediction: Rays in 5

Rangers notes:

Their lineup should do its job and score runs.  Beltre and Michael Young are super hot right now and Hamilton is doing his thing.  They've all been there now, so the glitz and glamor of the big stage should be a little more dim than last year.  Their pitching has been consistent all year.  No let downs from the starters.  Hopefully, they prove why they went out and got Koji Uehara and Aadams - setting up Neftali Feliz.

Rays notes:

They have to continue to ride the momentum.  They have a chip on their shoulders based on what they just accomplished and the odds they overcame.  They should continue to ride Evan Longoria and BJ Upton, two guys that are as hot as anyone right now.  Big Game James needs to have a big postseason.  Price has to shake off a rough end of the season (his last start was one of his worst starts of the season) and they need steadiness from everyone else.

Hersh Predictions:

Yanks over the Tigers and Rays over the Rangers.


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