Poll Results

We've recently begun dabbling in polls to gauge your opinions on certain topics. Our first poll asked you to name the AL MVP. Here are the results:

24 Justin Verlander
13 Curtis Granderson
11 Jose Bautista
2 Other

Clearly, many of you don't have a problem with a pitcher winning the MVP award. Hopefully, for Justin Verlander's sake, the award voters agree with you.

We also did a poll asking you which SS was better overall considering both offense and defense between Cal Ripken and Derek Jeter. Here are those results:

49 Cal Ripken
29 Derek Jeter

Each of these two outstanding Shortstops could arguably be #2 behind Honus Wagner on the best SS list. Both are members of the 3000 hit club, and both showed above average defensive skills.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming polls and interactive quizzes. Don't forget to vote in the current poll about NL Cy Young. We appreciate your continued support and interaction with us! Thank you!


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