Streaks Ending In 2011

As we wind down the end of 2011, much is the same as far as who is headed to the Playoffs. The Yanks, Phils, and Rangers are back in the post season again. The final act has not played out entirely with neither wild card race set in stone. 2011 was filled with streaks and milestones from the string of wins put together by Justin Verlander to the 600 homer plateau for Jim Thome and the 3000 hit mark for Derek Jeter. There are some streaks, however, which are imminently ending in 2011 or at least in real danger. Some are due to injury and some to eventual loss of productivity at the hands of Father Time. Here are a few streaks that may not be alive going into 2012.

Albert Pujols - Consecutive years with 30 HR, 100 RBI, and .300 Avg. The streak currently stands at 10 straight years. Albert certainly has a great chance to eke this streak into one more year. As of this post, the Cardinals play 10 more games in 2011 and Pujols has 36 HR, 95 RBI, and exactly a .300 average. He'll need some consistency in those final 10 games and some runners on base to knock in to make the streak continue.

Ichiro Suzuki - Consecutive years with 200 hits and .300 Avg. This amazing streak ran for 10 straight years coming into this season. As remarkable and unprecedented as that is, it also encompasses Ichiro's first 10 years in the league. Ichiro has played in all but one game this year, so injuries didn't end this streak. All players, even him, are due for a down season once in a while. He just took 10 years to do it. Ichiro had a dismal May hitting .210 which aided in the declining numbers this year. The rest of the year was just average.

Alex Rodriguez - Consecutive years with 30 HR and 100 RBI. A-Rod's streak of 30 and 100 sits as 13 and will undoubtedly end at 13. There won't be any last minute heroics like 2009 when he hit 2 in the final game to make 30 for the year. Injuries starting in July have proven to be the death knell for this streak. A-Rod played in a mere 7 games in July, 4 in August, and 8 thus far in September. Going into July, he had amassed 13 HR and 51 RBI, just a hair off the pace he would have needed to push the streak to 14.

Derek Jeter - Consecutive years with 85 Runs, 25 2B, and 10 HR. This streak has endured 15 seasons, dating back to his rookie year. The numbers may not jump out as eye-popping, but they are a symbol of consistency and durability from a player that has modeled those traits his entire career. Jeter missed time mid year as he was chasing 3000 hits. That time might have afforded him a chance to make up the 8 Runs, 3 2B, and 5 HR he needs to propel the streak.

Bobby Abreu - Consecutive years playing 150 games. Coming into 2011, Abreu was tied with Willie Mays for most consecutive 150 game seasons at 13 (Cal Ripken missed this feat due to the 1994 Strike even though he never missed a game). Abreu didn't miss any significant time due to injury, but was given a liberal amount of days off to keep him fresh.

All streaks come to an end, and with the exception of Pujols, the rest of these players are older than 35. All of them, except Abreu, are probably lock Hall of Famers as well (Abreu is closer than you think, but certainly on the fence). These streaks just add to their legacy and candidacy for enshrinement.

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