Should pitchers win MVP?

My 2 partners and I disagree on this and I'm sure there's more out there.  I just want to give my reasons why I think pitchers can win MVP.

First my definition of an MVP.  A player whose team would not have won their division or finished as high as they did without a certain player.  Example:  1977 George Foster has a monster year for the Reds hitting 52 hr's and 149 RBI.  Reds finish 2nd.  The Reds still had Bench, Rose, Morgan, Griffey and also stole Seaver midway through the season.  My belief is the Reds would have still finished 2nd without Foster.  He didn't put them over the top.  Another is 1987, Andre Dawson had a career year for the Cubs, but the Cubs finished last.  I'm pretty sure the Cubs would still have finished last without Andre.

Examples of where a pitcher won MVP?  First one is 1963, the Dodgers would not have won without Koufax.  He was definitely the reason they finished first and they would not have without him.  While I'm at it, I'll add he should have won MVP in '65 and '66 also.  Another example involves Bob Gibson in '68.  Cards never would have reached the WS without Gibby.

Now let me conclude I'm all for Verlander winning MVP this year.  Tigers would have never won that division without him.  Anybody want to argue????


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