BBA Recommends Larkin and Bagwell for the Hall of Fame

As you know, we are proud members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance; a member organization that seeks to enhance collaboration and communication among baseball bloggers. As members, we are required to vote for certain awards throughout the year. To that end, we recently submitted our Hall of Fame ballots to the BBA. In total, the BBA received 150 ballots from member blogs, like ours. The results were recently released and in accordance with the voting results, the BBA has recommended Barry Larkin and Jeff Bagwell for enshrinement. You can see the press release which includes the full results here.

Selecting Hall of Fame nominees was, by far, the most difficult voting task for us to complete to date. Among the three contributors here, there is very little consistency on where we stand when it comes to Hall of Fame worthiness. We stand opposite and firm on key issues like steroids and have differing opinions on what the Hall should represent. Because of that, we decided to give a "yes" vote to anyone that any of us felt was truly worthy of enshrinement. The truth is, in spite of our differences, we respect each other's opinion to the fullest; if Hersh believes that someone is worth of a vote, I think that it's better to give him that vote (than it is for me to try to convince him that he's wrong). Same goes for Mc. It would be different if we had three votes but our blog only gets one vote and since we only have one ballot, we felt that it was more appropriate to vote yes for all of the names that we liked (rather than begrudgingly vote no to someone because of our differing opinions).  Our full ballot included Larkin and Bagwell as well as Jack Morris, Fred McGriff, Larry Walker, Tim Raines and Edgar Martinez.  Seven names is a lot and we recognize that there is virtually no chance that all of those guys make the cut in 2012 but I think that you could find a legitimate argument for each player and that was the conclusion we arrived at.  Right or wrong, there is one member of our contributing staff that would be willing to go to bat for every name on this list.  We've already openly debated and discussed the Hall of Fame candidacies of Larkin, Bagwell, McGriff, Raines and Martinez (you can see all of them under the tab titled Hall of Fame Debates).  In the upcoming weeks, we will try to give you the arguments for and against Larry Walker and Jack Morris.  Thanks for stopping in.


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