Here's one that gave "Stump the Hersh" a little trouble, let's see if you guys can get it.

Since 1900 there have been many players to have over 150 RBI'S in a season, but only one guy did it without hitting at least 30 HR's. Name him. Good luck.

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  1. The answer to this one is Tommy Davis with the Dodgers in 1962. He tallied 153 RBI while only hitting 27 HR. He finished third in MVP voting that year (his teammate, Maury Wills, won the award while swiping 104 bases, scoring 130 runs). Further, Davis had 230 hits that year but only 64 extra base hits - plated a lot of runs with singles.

    Pre-1900, hall of famer and all-time great Sam Thompson accomplished the feat twice (1887 and 1895). Sam Thompson is known for being the guy that held the home run record prior to Ruth. The dead ball slugger hit 10 home runs and 18 home runs, respectively, in the 1887 and 1895 campaigns while driving in 166 and 165 runs.


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