MLB Standings - I Know It's Early but Look at These Standings!

Checking out the Major League standings, it's littered with surprises.

In the American League, the Orioles/Rays (14-8) are tied for first place in the AL East, the Indians (11-9) lead the AL Central and the Rangers (16-6) sit atop the AL West.

In the National League, the Braves/Nationals (14-8) share the top spot in the NL East, the Cardinals (14-8) pace the NL Central and the Dodgers (16-6) lead the way in the NL West.

At this point, only one of last year's division winners (Texas Rangers) leads their respective division.  Four of last year's division winners are at or below .500.

However, on this day last year, the division leaders were the Yankees (14-9), the Indians (17-8), the Angels (15-11), the Phillies (17-8), the Cardinals (15-11) and the Rockies (16-8); of those teams, only the Yankees and Phillies would win their respective divisions (the Cardinals would slip into the playoffs as the Wild Card, winning the World Series).  So, while things seem crazy, it's clear that the April leader boards can and will change.  One caution to those teams sitting at .500 or below; only two teams that were at or below .500 at this point last season made the playoffs - none of those teams were in last place (a swift kick to the groin of the Red Sox and Angels).



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