FBJ Collaboration

There are a lot of great Baseball Blogs out there in the blogosphere, as (hopefully) you have already seen scouring our "Knowing Our Roll" segments.  Being part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance allows us to bring you content from these great blogs when big stories hit; giving our readership a local voice when it matters.  It also allows us to partner with other blogs from time to time on special projects.

We were recently contacted by two awesome blogs to contribute on special pieces:

Rangers Blog, One Strike Away... Twice! reached out to the BBA fraternity to compile a list of some of the worst and most controversial aspects of the local baseball broadcasts.  FBJ chimed in on the Phillies broadcast and specifically, Chris Wheeler.  You can read about it here.  I will also be re-posting the entire (read: lengthy) diatribe this week.

One of my personal favorite baseball blogs is the Hall of Very Good (@HOVG).  The folks over there run a highly entertaining general baseball blog (a bit lighter than what you'll find here) and they've always been responsive to questions, requests and general Twitter rants.  In an effort to help support their site and the brand name that they have worked hard to build, we were asked to contribute a post towards a 5 week project called the HOVG Heroes.  We were asked to contribute a post on a player that we felt worthy of recognition among the Hall of Very Good.  Every day for 5 weeks, a different post will be presented to the HOVG readership culminating with an inaugural induction of one non-Cooperstown player into the Hall of Very Good.  You can read more about the project here.


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