MLB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Cooperstown, NY... and the weather was great, too.  Yesterday, the Hall of Fame got it right.  Yesterday, Barry Larkin and Ron Santo were inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  Several BBA Affiliates were in Cooperstown for the official ceremony; sitting amongst them were 44 returning Hall of Famers.   The Hall of Fame website has a great recap of the event - Larkin gave a very emotional speech, dressed appropriately in a dark suit and red tie.  His charismatic speech was filled with thank you's and humility, showing the class that you would expect from the long-time MLB veteran.

But, in my opinion, this year's ceremony was special because it righted one of the greatest injustices in Hall of Fame history.  Ron Santo was enshrined amongst the greatest that has ever played.  Vicki Santo thankfully accepted the award on behalf of her deceased husband.  I commend Mrs. Santo for doing a terrific job in spite of difficult circumstances; her speech was tremendous and honored who he was as a man and a player.  It would have been easy to throw a jab in there (many believed Santo deserved the recognition years ago) but Mrs. Santo kept it positive - she even quipped at the fact that Ron was laughing in Heaven at her expense (saying that she would have much rather had him there to accept the award than her but he was surely laughing at her "squirming").

Tim McCarver and Bob Elliot were also honored on Saturday for their contributions to the game (McCarver received the Ford C. Frick award for his contributions to broadcasting, while Elliot was given the Taylor Spink award for sports writing).

Congratulations to all who were recognized this weekend.

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  1. I didn't get to see the ceromony, but was curious how the Santo family was going to react. As always was the case with Ron Santo, I heard they handle it with class. I'm bitter that he wasn't inducted while still alive, I'm sure they were more hurt.


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