A Must Read - Gene Tenace, the '72 Series In His Own Words

Gene Tenace led the upstart A's to an improbable World Championship in 1972 over the Cincinnati Reds and their "Big Red Machine."

Tenace belted four home runs in seven World Series games while driving in nine runs over that span en route to the MVP award.  Remarkably, no one else on his squad drove in more than one run in the entire series.  Unbelievably, Tenace hit five home runs the entire regular season.  But the amazing numbers don't really tell the entire story, which includes death threats and a Michael Jordan reference (of what it's like to be in the zone)... and I can't really do it justice, either.  Thankfully, Tenace has gave InStream Sports his complete account, in his own words.

Read the entire story HERE - you will be glad you did, I promise.

Special thanks to friend of baseball junkies, David Jordan, for sharing this gem with the Baseball Blogger's Alliance.

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  1. Great story, I remember this world Series because no one had heard of Tenace. I remember the Reds being heavy favorites because of Reggie being out and out of nowhere comes Tenace and puts up Reggie numbers. He totally caught the Reds off guard and the A's begain the 3 year sweep of the World Series.


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