Dirty or Not

Last night's play at second is being questioned a lot this morning about whether it's a dirty play or not.  I'm talking about Matt Holliday's slide into second to take Marco Scutaro out.  To me, it's a clean play and the way the game has been played since I've been watching baseball.  It's not even close to being the hardest takeout slide I've ever seen.  I realize in this day and age the focus is on not hurting the players.  Rules are being changed all the time in all sports to protect players from being injured, but you can't change basic ways the game is played.  You are taught from the beginning to try and break up the double play.  Take that away and you are taking away one of the exciting plays in baseball.

In conclusion, if the fielder doesn't want to get hurt, hold on to the ball and get out of the way.  The fielder has options if he doesn't want to get hurt.  I will stop rambling now and will wait for arguments.


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