Greenberg Gets His At Bat

Seven years after being beaned in the head by a 92 mph fastball in first major league plate appearance (the first and only pitch he saw as a big leaguer up until today), Adam Greenberg was afforded the opportunity to get an official major league at bat versus the Mets.  Last week, he was signed by the team that effectively ended his career, the Marlins (now in Miami, then of Florida). 

The scene at Marlins Park today was riveting - the crowd on hand was appreciative of the opportunity to witness history.  Greenberg, aided in his "One At Bat" effort by super-fan Matt Liston, strutted to the plate with Aerosmith's "Dream On" blaring through the stadium speakers.  Greenberg had to feel like he was certainly living a dream - he petitioned fans for support and lobbied his way back to big league relevance.  The result of the at bat really didn't matter - Cy Young candidate R.A. Dickey struck out Greenberg on three pitches but Greenberg was greeted by hugs and smiles in the dugout.  Greenberg claims that this is just the start of the dream realization process - he hopes to this will be a springboard to a real shot in the major leagues.

Regardless of what happens from here for Greenberg, this is an inspirational story of perseverance.  Adam Greenberg is just one more example of why baseball is America's pastime. 

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