Knowing Our Roll - 7/26/2013

If you're tired of hearing about the Ryan Braun/Alex Rodriguez charade, I'll offer you a few alternative articles of interest this morning...

- Friend of FBJ, Hall of Very Good has a really neat interview with Theresa Corderi, team chef for the NY Mets.

- Ballhawk Zack Hample snagged 8 balls at the All-Star Game

- The Wall Street Journal has a neat article about Jose Molina and the art of framing pitches... according to TruMedia Networks, an analytics firm used by 10 major-league teams, the 38 year-old journeyman catcher has been able to successfully "frame" 13.4% of all pitches outside the strike zone.  That is, 13.4% of all pitches thrown to Molina that were outside the strike zone were called strikes (by far the highest rate among regular catchers).  The art of fooling umpires in this manner is becoming more and more coveted by big league clubs.

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  1. That story about Jose Molina is amazing. I remember back in my playing days the catchers would talk about framing a pitch and getting the calls. It always rubbed me the wrong way as a hitter but as a hitter I could "frame" the pitch also with my body language. On an inside pitch I could act like I was avoiding being hit or sometimes crouch a bit on a higher pitch. I guess it works both ways.


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