2015 Predictions: Part Two

Haven't had time to draft a post, however, you have my word that our picks are authentic and were crafted before the season actually started (you'll see from the picks that none of us are front-running).  And this is really for our benefit, anyway (not yours... if anyone out there is considering betting off of our analysis, let me be the first to advise you against doing that).


AL MVP-Adam Eaton
NL-MVP-Bryce Harper

AL CY-Chris Sale

AL ROY-Sean Newcomb
NL ROY-Kris Bryant

AL MOY-Terry Francona
NL MOY-Joe Maddon

AL Comeback -  Prince Fielder
NL comeback  -Matt Harvey

AL Most Excited-Adam Eaton
NL Most Excited-The Cubs


AL MVPMike Trout
NL MVP – Giancarlo Stanton

AL CYFelix Hernandez
NL CYClayton Kershaw

AL ROYCarlos Rodon
NL ROY Kris Bryant

AL MOYRobin Ventura
NL MOYTerry Collins

AL Comeback – Prince Fielder
NL Comeback – Matt Harvey

AL Most Excited – Alex Rodriguez
NL Most Excited – Matt Harvey


AL MVPRobinson Cano… this is linked to my WS pick and Trout is certainly the best player on the planet but Cano has been really good for a really long time and I think if the Mariners do well, he will be in serious conversation (deserving of an MVP in his career)
NL MVPAndrew McCutchen… thought about Puig but I think McCutchen is the best player (non-pitcher) in the NL by pretty wide margin.  Barring injuries, it’s his to lose. 

NL CY – Clayton Kershaw… I really want to go with someone else but I can’t.  I wasn’t
AL  CY – Felix Hernandez… admittedly, hedging my bets here.  I don’t expect Felix and Cano (both Mariners) to win these major awards but I think that one of them will. 

AL MOY – Robin Ventura… it’s hard not to like what the White Sox are doing and I think Robin Ventura will have his ball club playing well this year.
NL MOYDon Mattingly better results with (seemingly) less.  I think that this year’s Dodgers team is built to win, addition by subtraction.

AL ROYDalton Pompeythe Blue Jays have a couple other guys that could vie for the ROY award (namely, starting pitchers Alex Sanchez and Daniel Norris) but Pompey will be a Web Gem favorite, he’ll steal a bunch of bases and he’s slated to lead off in front of Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Josh Donaldson… in a relatively weak AL-ROY class, Pompey, who is starting in Center Field for the Blue Jays has an opportunity create some early buzz and help his team reach the postseason.
NL ROYJoc Pedersonall of the ROY buzz has been focused on the Paul Bunyan-esque slugger known as Kris Bryant but he’s not on the opening day roster for reasons outside of his control so the door has been cracked for someone like Joc Pederson or Bryant’s teammate Jorge Soler to make it a competition.  I like Joc Pederson… in 553 minor league at bats, he posted 33 HR, 30 SB and a 1.017 OPS.  It’s very unlikely he’ll replicate those numbers at the big league level but the soon-to-be 23 year old slugger is a player to watch in 2015.

AL Comeback – Derrek Holland
NL Comeback Joey Votto


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