All-Time Cardinals Team

Time for another best of team, and this week, we're going with the Red Birds. We're picking 8 position players, 2 starting pitchers, and a closer. Give us your thoughts on where we whiffed or where you'd go in a different direction. Thanks for visiting, and here's the Cards...

C - Ted Simmons
1B - Albert Pujols
2B - Rogers Hornsby
SS - Ozzie Smith
3B - Ken Boyer
OF - Stan Musial
OF - Lou Brock
OF - Joe Medwick
SP - Bob Gibson
SP - Dizzy Dean
CL - Bruce Sutter


  1. One of the best all-time teams of any franchise... Up there with the yankees.

  2. Think of all the great players left off. Joe Torre, Johnny Mize, Tim McCarver, Curt Flood, Enos Slaughter, Steve Carlton, Willie McGee. I agree with OCP, a great team and up there with the Yankees.

  3. i might take issringhausen over sutter. i know sutter won world series in 82 but he didnt last there long. make pujols dh and keith hernandez first base. overall it is a great team!

  4. Love the idea of Hernandez on the team but we made DH only for AL. Forgot all about Mize.

  5. gotta add on one more SP...John Tudor and two exciting OF to watch....Vice Coleman and Andy Van Slyke. I know I know NOT HoF but just great to watch :) Thanks for the CARDS post Basball Junkie!

  6. I would put Edmonds in CF, Musial in RF, and Medwick in LF. The rest of the team is OK.
    Brock is the worst hitter in the 3000 hit club, was a terrible outfielder, and had a low OBP because he never took a walk. Edmonds was a great CF, great hitter, high OPS, and was a gamer. Not that Brock wasn't great in th WS in '64 but overall the team is better without him.

  7. Edmonds is one of my all-time favorite players and I would argue that he's a better player than Brock but Brock played 16 years with the Cardinals (compared to Edmonds 8) and I think that he is a better representative for the franchise based upon what he did during the 16 years he was there. His number 20 was retired by the Cardinals in 1979, he's second on the all-time franchise hits list and he's a Hall of Famer... hard to argue that he doesn't deserve to make the team. Again, the spirit of the lists is to find the guys that best represented the franchise, all-time. Not necessarily the best players. Quantity is probably a little more important than quality for these AT teams.


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