Trivia question

It's that time again, this week's trivia question. Let's give a little effort to it this time since no one could answer the last 2 questions posted.

In the last 50 years what major league RBI champion hit the fewest home runs while leading the league in RBI'S?


  1. Wow really hard question...Ken Boyer

  2. I didn't think this was so hard, but I'm being told it is. Good guesses, but incorrect OCP and skiernan. A real trivia junkie could figure this out without knowing the answer.

  3. at first i thought munson but he never won rbi title then i thought eddie murray in 81 it does have to do with a strike year. the late great kirby puckett. murray hit 22 puckett hit 21 or 20 and won rbi title in 94


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