All-Time Giants Team

Flipping back to the NL, we examine the all-time greats of the Giants. We included NY as well since it's the same franchise. 8 position players, including any OF, 2 SP, and one closer. No DH since not an AL team. Tough to believe such a storied franchise has never had great catchers. That was by far the toughest position for us to fill. Here we go...

C-Tom Haller
1B-Bill Terry
2B-Jeff Kent
SS-Travis Jackson
3B-Matt Williams
OF-Willie Mays
OF-Mel Ott
OF-Willie McCovey
SP-Christy Mathewson
SP-Juan Marichal
CL-Robb Nen

Travis Jackson although not well known is a Hall of Fame Inductee in the 20s and 30s and the Giants leader in games played at SS. McCovey played enough outfield for us to qualify him there. The Giants have had some great pitchers and two that we considered are Carl Hubbell and Gaylord Perry. Hubbell won 2 MVP awards (before Cy Young was handed out) and pitched in an era of great hitting. Perry also won 2 Cy Young awards. A case could be made for either of them.

Here we also get back into the steroid debate with Barry Bonds. What's your take, should he be in the list? Who do you bump?


  1. Bonds makes my list... McCovey does not. Orlando Cepeda deserves consideration at first base over Bill Terry. Not sure if you're going to find many teams with as much talent not on their starting roster... Cepeda, Hubbell, Perry and McCovey (or Bonds) would make most lists. It was very tough for me to leave Hubbell off of this list. You could argue that he deserves to be in over Marichal, who never won a Cy, but I think you'd be wrong and although we all tend to stay away from early 1900's guys (the game was different, there weren't as many games played, the rules were different and it's tough to argue what you can't see), there is no question that Christy Mathewson belongs on this list.

  2. marichal never won a cy young but i think he lead the 60's in wins thats pretty damn good. u can put ott at third and barrys dad in the outfield! the hell with barry! also dick dietz was just as good as haller!

  3. This team just needs a catcher, maybe Posey is the one, we will see. I can't put Barry on this list either, too many roid years. It's a shame Cepeda and Hubbell don't make the team, but Terry was a lifetime .340 hitter, you can't ignore that. Hubbell was great, but Marichal was also and put up better numbers.

  4. I think I would put McCovey at first over Terry,and Barry Bonds in the outfield.Looking at the team as a whole I might want Frankie Frisches glove at second base for defense.Really tough to leave out Hubbell!

  5. We qualified McCovey in the outfield.

    Frisch is tough because he spent more time in St. Louis (11 years)...

    When we review this team, we'll add an infielder, a fourth outfielder and two starting pitchers so Hubbell should make the cut and we'll take a look at Frisch as well. McCovey might end up back in the infield, depending on what the rest of the crop looks like. This will definitely be a fun one for us to review.

  6. Possibly the only team that could give the Yankees a run for their money. What an odd selection though. McCovey in the outfield? I would put McCovey at first (I'm sorry he was just simply a much better player than Terry) and replace him with Bonds in the outfield. Even discounting for steroids he belongs there. As for the rest.. I'd have to think about replacing Matt Williams with Fred Lindstrom.. not sure I'd do it though. And as for catcher, if you're willing to give a little on the time frame you could put Bresnaham, Buck Ewing, or Chief Meyers there. I suppose as long as Haller isn't simply bad though the rest of the team can carry him. The Giants 3rd or 4th best all time team is probably good enough to best most others.

  7. Marichal not winning a Cy Young has everything to do with the Johnny Roseboro incident. Awards are popularity contests as much as they are awarded to a pitcher who had an outstanding season. It didn't hurt that he went against Koufax and Bob Gibson. The other thing that may have hurt Juan was that the Giants always ended the season in second place. Some voters like the luster of World Series champs.


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