Best Lefty of All-Time

I recently met an older gentleman(in his mid 60's) and we started talking baseball.  He told me about a game he went to see at Connie Mack stadium and Warren Spahn was pitching.  I commented on how I never saw him pitch, but his record is amazing.  He agreed but then leaned over and said "But Koufax was the best I ever saw!"

I told him I agreed.  In the short time he pitched he over powered hitters like no other.  I once heard a story about Willie Mays picking up one of Tony Gwynn's bats and commenting on how small it was.  He then said "Koufax would have knock this right out of my hands!"  Some compliment.

In 1965 Walt Alston had to decide who would pitch game 7 against the Twins, Drysdale on 3 days rest or Koufax on 2 days rest.  He went with the lefty and he pitched a 2 hit shutout.

Just a couple of reasons why I pick Sandy Koufax as the best Lefthander of all-time.  Who's yours?


  1. I think you've presented a scenario that can't be disputed. Who's going to vote against Koufax? I can only offer a 2nd choice of someone i've seen. Hard to deny Randy Johnson.

  2. The Big Unit is the best that I've ever seen... more Cy Youngs than any other lefty in baseball history. Koufax won three - could have possibly won four (they only gave one across MLB and in 1964 Koufax finished 3rd) but his career was shortened.

    It depends what you're asking. Best on his best day- Koufax hands down. Best prime years -maybe Johnson because his prime lasted a little longer. Best career - how about Lefty Grove. He led the league in ERA nine times... nine. Pitching in the 30's, he still maintained a tidy career ERA of 3.06.

  3. Grove and Johnson are good picks as well. Spahn and Carlton are also considerations. But on his best day, in his prime, Koufax is the guy.

  4. no valenzuela lol? im biased i saw carlton his whole philly career. johnson was good no doubt. johnson and carlton u can flip flop. cant argue with koufax. also rube waddell put up some sick numbers in the early 1900's that were pretty good. also babe ruth had a nice record!


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