Who am I

I'm currently 8th on the all-time home run list with 589 HR
For my career, I've maintained an HR/AB ratio of 13.6 which is 5th best all-time
I've never won an MVP award but I've finished in the top 10 in voting 4 times
I'm a five time all-star and I have one Silver Slugger award at 3rd base
I have a career .278 batting average to go along with a career .404 OBP and .559 SLG. 
I've led the league in walks and strikeouts three times each
Career OPS of .963 ranks 13th all-time

I recently agreed to rejoin the reigning AL Central Champions (the Minnesota Twins) and in 2011 I will attempt to build upon a year where I posted a triple slash line of .283/.412/.627 while homering once in every eleven at bats. 

I'm future hall of famer, Jim Thome.

The Twins signed coveted veteran free agent Jim Thome to a one year deal worth $3 million plus performance incentives.  He is eleven HR away from becoming the 8th player in Major League history to surpass 600 HR and he's never been linked to performance enhancements.  With all that being said, I think that Thome has assured himself a first ballot lock; arguably the greatest power hitter of our generation... steroids aside.  He's accomplished so much over the course of 20 seasons but his numbers last season, a season in which Thome turned 40, are historic - hitting one home run per eleven AB's ranks up there among the greatest seasons anyone has ever had at that age.  If Thome can give the twins that kind of production over an entire season, the Twins will be tough to beat in 2011.


  1. I agree with his induction, but it won't be first ballot. He played in the era, he played with Manny, Belle, and Juan Gonzalez. Same BS as Bagwell will prob keep him from first ballot. Who knows though, by the time he's eligible, they may have decided to put roiders in. Not that he's one, i don't think he is, nor Bagwell.

  2. But there were always rumors surrounding Bags and Thome has never been mentioned or linked... Bags blamed his muscle mass increase on body building- when I hear body building, I think steroids so I think his choice of an excuse was a bad one.

    As for death by association... Pitcher Tom House, a teammate of Hank Aaron in the 70's, admitted that he used steroids among other things in the 70's to gain an edge... Does that mean Aaron is guilty? Not by any means... I think that if Thome was juicing we would have heard his name by now.

  3. I agree with OCP on this one, I think he's clean and first ballot. Plus he's an all around good guy who fans and media both like. Only played 3 seasons in Philly and he is beloved by Philly fans.

  4. I hate that the Hall of Fame vote is a Quasi popularity contest but it is and Hersh pointed that out... It is what it is. I think that Thome deserves to be in first ballot because, in light of the steroid nonsense, Thome could go down as the greatest HR hitter of this era.

  5. He won't be first ballot because of the era and team he was associated with. I know he is a great guy and all but that diminishes his numbers by say 10%-20%, not that it is fair to do but i have a feeling that is what is going on with voters. I really think the only first ballot HOFers from that era are going to be skinny singles hitters or dominant pitchers not named Clemens

  6. You could be right Mike. That means there won't be many first ballot members anytime soon.

  7. build a section by itself for steroid abusers. u can vote them in but they go in the section of the hall where the players cheated. i can never call barry bonds all time home run hitter! i love the game too much! 755 will always be the number for me until a clean player breaks it! thome is a good model player! but we dont know if his name is on that report! i dont think it is!


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