All-Time Red Sox Team

The Boston Red Sox have a rich tradition.  They also have a very vibrant and proud fan base so it's only fitting that this All-Time team reflects its team and fan base with many players up and down this lineup that spent their careers in Boston.  Without further adieu, here is the Red Sox All-Time team. 

C - Carlton Fisk
1B - Jimmie Foxx
2B - Bobby Doerr
SS - Joe Cronin
3B - Wade Boggs
OF - Ted Williams
OF - Carl Yastrzemski
OF - Dwight Evans
DH - Jim Rice
SP - Pedro Martinez
SP - Roger Clemens*
RP - Jonathan Papelbon

Thanks for reading... let the debate begin.


  1. where is cy young? tied for all time in wins and pitched 56 games less than that steroid abuser! and he has an award named after him cant remember what it was lol

  2. Ya know, you're probably right... if I'm putting Double X on the team, Cy Young should be there, too. I used Foxx because I couldn't find a replacement... his primary team is listed as the A's but he's wearing a Red Sox cap on his HOF plague so that's how I justified it. Cy and Rocket are tied in wins as a Red Stocking (franchise leaders)... maybe Pedro should be replaced by Rocket. Rocket makes my list- I know I'm in the minority among folks outside of Boston.

  3. We also left out Tris Speaker. He has to be there.

  4. What about Big Papi one of the greatest Yankee killers of all time

  5. You taking off Jim Rice?

    Personally, I'd take Rice and his Cooperstown shrine but I think that Papi might win that vote in Boston... Papi changed the attitude in Boston. He made them fearless and that's a big reason why they weren't afraid to come back down 0-3 (when they won the WS).


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