All-Tme A's Team

It's that time of the week again and my turn to post an all time team.  This week it's the A's and we included the Phila, Kansas City and Oakland A's.  Plus we managed to get someone from each city on the team.

There were some arguments on the closer and I hope the arguments continue for both sides.  The guys told me to post my team and they will give their opinions and arguments for and against.  So here it goes:

C- Mickey Cochrane
1B-Jimmie Foxx
2B-Eddie Collins
SS- Miguel Tejada
3B-Sal Bando
Of-Al Simmons
Of-Reggie Jackson
Of-Indian Bob Johnson
DH-Rickey Henderson
Sp-Lefty Grove
Sp-Catfish Hunter
Closer-Rollie Fingers


  1. Here's how the discussion went... I immediately pegged Eck for closer but quickly realized that it's much closer than I thought. I still lean Eck because I think he was the more dominant pitcher (better ERA, better k/9 and fewer bb/9) but the best closers get it done in high pressure situations and Rollie was better in the postseason- no way around it. Almost everything you'll read out there will have Eck ahead of Rollie- Rollie was often used as a 2-3 inning pitcher so it's tough to just go off of saves alone.

    I like Campaneris over Tejada- very nice career with the A's and his name made a few MVP ballots. A solid player and among the franchise hits leaders.

  2. What's a team without a manager?...Connie Mack right?..or does that go without saying?

  3. i definitely like campy campaneris! he didnt do steroids! eck is so overrated! fingers was da man. like u said 2 or 3 inning saves! shout out to rube waddell! ricky should be on here! he is the greatest of alltime says ricky!

  4. We haven't done managers... that might be a future segment.

    I think that I would have had Rickey as the starting OF and Indian Bob as DH but it's not a huge deal as long as they're both on the team... and hey, if Rickey was DH, he could spend half the defensive part of the inning writing his post game speech and working on his jheri curl.

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  6. Hmm Eck or Fingers.. they both had great mustaches...I'd replace Hunter with Plank, or Bender.. but I know that's pre 1920.


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