All-Time Pirates Team

Back to the NL for our All-Time team.  This week, we looked at the Buccos.  Certainly one of the best lineups you're going to find and there were a lot of great position players that didn't make the cut.  We used the "McCovey Rule" to make sure that there were spots for Willie Stargell and Ralph Kiner (although Willie's in the Hall as an outfielder, he makes our team at first base because he played there and he's better than any back up first baseman you're going to find in Pirates history).  Honus Wagner is an exception to our post 1920's rule because he might be the greatest shortstop in baseball history; the only time that we venture into the dead ball era (and prior to that) is when there are players that carry historical significance like Wagner.  For that reason, we left two non-Hall of Fame starting pitchers off of our list that rank 1 and 2 on the Pirates All-Time wins list.  The pitching wasn't great so it was really tough to come to an agreement. In fact, of the ten original baseball franchises, the Pirates are the only team without a pitcher in the Hall of Fame (listed as his primary team).  The other position that generated discussion was catcher; you won't find a clear cut answer here but there are three guys that spent significant time behind the plate in Pittsburgh who are worthy of consideration.  Without further adieu, here is our All-Time Pirates roster.

C- Manny Sanguillen
1B- Willie Stargell
2B- Bill Mazeroski
SS- Honus Wagner
3B- Pie Traynor
OF- Roberto Clemente
OF- Ralph Kiner
OF- Paul Waner
SP- Bob Friend
SP- Vern Law
RP- Kent Tekulve


  1. Another tough choice is closer. Tekulve or Elroy Face. 7 Hall of Famers on this team. Plenty of power with Stargell and Kiner. Honerable mentions to Jason Kendall, Tony Pena, Al Oliver, Matty Alou, Dave Parker and Steve Blass. Believe it or not, we got through making this team without once bringing up Barry Bonds.

  2. arky vaughn. too bad he played 3rd and short. bob veale if he would have had a better won-loss record. where is zack duke lol. nice to see no barry bonds on here. rennie stennett was a better hitter than mazeroski but maz could pick it at 2nd.

  3. Deacon Phillipe is pre 1920. If I was going pre-1920, I might lean towards Babe Adams who led the league in WHIP 5 times or the all-time franchise wins leader, Wilbur Cooper but Phillipe is a nice name to bring up. His performance in the 1903 World Series is pretty remarkable - starting 5 games, finishing all five (3-2 record). It was a different brand of baseball... I think it's better to stay away from pre 1920 if possible.

  4. Robert - thanks so much for bringing that name up. Good stuff...


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