All-Time Cubs Team

Continuing on with our All-Time teams, we're talking Cubbies today.  Another storied franchise ripe with history and talent.  It has been a while since the Cubs have won a championship but many great players have donned the Red Cubs C.  Picking this team was fairly easy and you'll find hall of famers at almost every position (the ultimate hall of fame snub; Ron Santo at third base... tried not to go there but couldn't help it).  The only issue that I ran into was in the outfield where I went back and forth between Sammy Sosa and Andre Dawson (my colleagues staunchly disagree and I get it but my stance is what it is).  In the end, I included Sosa on my list because of his achievements as a Cub over the course of thirteen seasons compared to what Andre Dawson did in six.  He hit more HR as a Cub than any other Cubbie in history and ranks among the top ten on the Cubs leaderboard in hits and RBI.  The baggage here is heavy and the decision wasn't easy for me (admittedly, Andre Dawson is one of my favorite players) but I've gotta stick to my guns.  So, without further adieu, check out the all-time Cubs roster and tell me what you think.

C- Gabby Hartnett
1B - Cap Anson
2B - Ryne Sandberg
SS - Ernie Banks
3B - Ron Santo
OF - Billy Williams
OF - Hack Wilson
OF - Sammy Sosa
SP - Fergie Jenkins
SP - Mordecai Brown
CL - Bruce Sutter


  1. Everyone knows I'm against the Sosa pick and why, so I'll add Dawson and take out Sosa. Forgetting about Anson I took Mark Grace at first. I found it hard to believe with how long the Cubs have been around that there weren't more choices for outfield. Pitching was also weak. After Jenkins and Brown, there wasn't much to choose from. Solid players at 2nd, SS and 3rd. Santo is not in the hall, but very well should be. Put Dawson in the OF and you have an all HOF team.

  2. If you left Bonds off of the Giants and Pirates there is no way you put Sosa on here.Dawson is a HOFer and Sosa just is not. Agree with Hersh that there is not much to argue with the rest of them.

  3. Bonds made my Giants list... my rule of thumb is that whoever takes the time to put up the post has the final say on who makes the list on tough calls... so if I'm making the list, you'll see Bonds/Sosa/A-Rod. When Hersh or Mc are putting up a list, Bonds doesn't make the cut.

    Sosa has +600 HR, an MVP and 2400 hits... by the numbers (solely), he would be a "no doubt about it" hall of famer. Probably first ballot (although, I don't think we'll see many first ballot hall of famers moving forward).


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