Name the 10 Hall of Famers to never play in the minors.


  1. This is a bear of a question... a Hersh special... proof of his baseball majesty.

    I'm going to save everyone the agony (I got two of the ten); here are your answers - Dave Winfield, Bob Feller, Al Kaline, Mel Ott, Catfish Hunter, Eppa Rixey, Eddie Plank, Frankie Frisch and Ted Lyons.

  2. The first comment only has 9 names. I'm assuming the 10th one is Sandy Koufax and that the list only includes members of the HOF that made it based on their MLB playing career.

    Would Ernie Banks make it 11 players?

  3. My bad... Hersh will have to give you the answer (slips my mind).

    Yes- no broadcasters or executives... Players that were inducted as players.


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